Friday, June 15, 2012

PATH v0.2 update

I got to use PATH during my analysis of the Linked-In and E-harmony hash leaks. I cracked over 2 million hashes on a light weight laptop. Using it in a real world scenario proved to me just how useful this script can be. While I might not have had the raw horse power of some the systems out there. I made up for it with efficiency. I sent the hashes into PATH with a top 200 flag set (-t 200). This meant once the initial output was complete PATH fed Hashcat 200 Hashcat masks based on frequency. This allowed me to just let it run, there was no downtime to check to see if the script had completed, where if it was running overnight would just start the next mask. Enjoy.

Change log:

  • Broke analyzing and cracking section into two separate functions.
  • Increased error handling.
  • Giving PATH just an input file now results in only an analysis being done on the file.
  • General code clean up.

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