Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Because I was bored

In my quest to continue to learn more about python I decided to try my hand at making a GUI application. I then thought why not a simple SMTP tool. Why? You ask, honestly some nights are long and boring.   I also wanted to write something cross platform so I chose wxPython. This was nothing more than a see if I can do it type of exercise. It was an experience, and lining things up wasn't fun. The other thing I wanted to do was compile it to an executable which I used PyInstaller. Shockingly because of all the added items with a GUI, the final binary turned out to be 7.5MB that's huge. This was still a fun little tool to build, and I learned a lot doing it. 

The tool is straight forward, simply put in the relevant information and hit OK to send. You will need an email server with open relay to put in to the server and port information. I use Sendmail or Postfix either work just fine. Don’t ask me how to do it, Google It

Here is an image and the code is below. I am not liable for how you use this tool and you are only allowed to use it against targets which you have permission. 

Code Below:

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